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NEMOAM test run

6 August 2013

A simple ORCA2 NEMO/NEMOTAM pair of jobs have been run, following these instructions:

Input data

The input files are located here: /net/jasmin/users/annette/nemotam/ORCA2_LIM_nemo_v3.4

This is the ORCA2_LIM v3.4 data set mentioned here (although there was no README file included):

Timing runs

The times taken to run 75 timesteps (5 model days), based on the 'time' command around the model executable. This includes writing of restart files but not diagnostic history files.


1 proc  -> 3m17.43s
4 proc  -> 1m6.12s
8 proc  -> 0m55.86s
16 proc -> 1m29.75s


1 proc  -> 1m29.24s
4 proc  -> 0m34.25s
8 proc  -> ERROR
16 proc -> 0m43.27s

Instructions for running locally

To run a single processor experiment. Instructions to be updated for building with fcm make.

Step 1) Set up environment for um1 and um2

a) Add to .profile / .kshrc:

ulimit -c unlimited
ulimit -s unlimited
. /net/jasmin/users/simon/intel/composerxe\-2011.4.191/bin/ intel64
export PATH=/home/jeff/linux_x86_64/mpich2-install/bin:$PATH
export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/panfs/jasmin/users/annette/netcdf/intel/lib:$LD_LIBRARY_PATH   

make sure you have access to an fcm - the following path will change soon but works for now

export PATH=$PATH:/home/cascade/fcm-1-5-vanilla/bin   

Step 2) Extract code to um servers (you need to be on PUMA for this step)

a) Create a directory to extract NEMO code to eg:

mkdir ~/nemotam/v3.4.1_test
cd ~/nemotam/v3.4.1_test

b) Copy fcm configuration file:

cp ~annette/nemotam/v3.4.1_test/fcm-make.cfg . 

c) Edit file to use own username and directory on um servers.

d) Run extract (ignore warnings about SYMLINKS)

fcm make 

Step 3) Build ORCA2 NEMO and NEMOTAM on um servers

a) Go to directory created on um eg:

cd /net/jasmin/users/annette/nemotam/v3.4.1_test/extract

b) Copy compilation configuration file for um machines:

cp /net/jasmin/users/annette/nemotam/arch-ifort_linux_um.fcm .

c) Build:

cd ../CONFIG
makenemo –m ifort_linux_um –r ORCA2_TAM -n MY_ORCA2_TAM

Step 4) Run direct NEMO model

a) Go to experiment directory created in build steps:


b) Copy over example run script:

cp /net/jasmin/users/annette/nemotam/run_opa.ksh . 

change CCFGDIR to pint to your MY_ORCA_TAM

c) Run model:


Output in:


Step 5) Run NEMO-TAM model

a) Go back to experiment directory EXP00

cd ../  

b) Copy over example run script:

cp /net/jasmin/users/annette/nemotam/run_tam.ksh . 

change CCFGDIR to pint to your MY_ORCA_TAM

c) Run TAM model:


Output in same place as main model: