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     1== Metadata in IS-ENES2 == 
     3This page provides a short list of the key [wiki:Projects/IS-ENES2 IS-ENES2] launch activities which need to be addressed from a CMS perspective. In the longer term, these activities will be documented on one or both of an IS-ENES2 work tracker (tbd) or the [ es-doc cog]. 
     5Amongst other things, it is intended to help the briefing of CMS staff working on IS-ENES2. 
     7==== Background ==== 
     9 * The key metadata activity within IS-ENES2 is a follow on project of [ metafor]. 
     10   * The key product of the Metafor project (with collaborators) were: 
     11     * The Common Information Model (CIM) for describing models and the simulation workflow. See for example [ Lawrence et al 2012]. 
     12     * Controlled vocabularies for describing aspects of models (to be used in instances of CIM descriptions). See for example [ Moine et al 2013] 
     13 * Currently the metafor activity has been subsumed into an international project under the '''es-doc''' label: 
     14   * See the [ es-doc cog] for current information about es-doc management and the project. 
     15   * A link to a demo of the es-doc metadata viewer appears at 
     16   * An actual example of how to bring this up in the live ESGF viewer (e.g. from url is attached.