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    55Amongst other things, it is intended to help the briefing of CMS staff working on IS-ENES2. 
     7Total metadata resource at CMS (not including NA2): 21pm, all associated with task 2.1 of JRA2. 
    79==== Background ==== 
    7072This suggests that CMS should *not* be doing the metadata scientific leadership, as it is not funded in the NA4 work package. However, if we do take on the leadership, this might give us an opportunity to suggest that one of the NA4 partners takes on some aspect of the technical work. 
     74In what follows we cover the metadata aspects of the data packages first, then the metadata aspects of the model packages. 
    7276==== JRA3====  
    7781   0. refactoring and extending tools to provide metadata services (including the repository and services to be deployed in SA2). 
    79 This is being delivered in Task 2.1 (with a small contribution from the UKMO): 
     83This is being delivered in Task 2.1 (21pm with additional 6pm from the UKMO): 
    8084 *  '''Tools for metadata capture and generation'''. The primary tool used thus far for meta-data creation (in the context of IS-ENES support for CMIP5) has been the METAFOR questionnaire. This tool consists of a graphical user interface handling answering hundreds of questions about model capability and configuration. The existing tools are heavily customised for CMIP5, and need re-factoring to improve flexibility for alternative users. As CIM capability is extended within NA4, the new tool will be modified accordingly, and deployed in support of SA2. The MetO internal tool for meta-data will also be modified to directly generate CIM content so that alternative approaches to meta-data entry can be compared. 
    8185 * This task is associated with: 
    8488     * Milestone: MS116: MetO Metadata Entry Tool Evaluation, due in month 21.  
     90Note also other relevant tasks: 
     91 * '''Tools for metadata services (including repository)''' (CNRS-IPSL, DKRZ) (19 pm) 
     92The existing meta-data repository is based on XML1 storage, and is not thought to be fit for purpose. A revised 
     93storage back-end will be constructed, perhaps based on JSON1 storage artefacts, and the web service 
     94interfaces extended accordingly (XML for transport will still be supported, but additional JSON31interfaces will be 
     95provided to facilitate CIM navigation by web browsers). Improved support for data quality records and annotation 
     96will be provided (supporting task 3 below). 
    8698==== NA4 ==== 
    90102Task 2:  
    91  * '''Meta-data, interoperability and standardisation (37 pm)''' (Engaging, STFC, CERFACS, CSAG, MF-CNRM, UNIMAN, CSAG in collaboration with ESA. 
     103 * '''Meta-data, interoperability and standardisation (37 pm)''' (Engaging, STFC, CERFACS, CSAG, MF-CNRM, UNIMAN, CSAG in collaboration with ESA.) 
    92104 * This task focuses on extending the FP7 METAFOR “Common Information Model” (CIM) to support new data and activities, better experiment description, more utility in quality control – and coordinate generation of new content. CIM extensions and new controlled vocabulary will need to be coordinated on a global scale, and notably in direct coordination with the US-led CURATOR and National Unified Operational Prediction Capability (NUOPC) consortiums. 
    93105 * This task will establish and manage a community process for identifying and delivering CIM upgrades to improve and extend support for global climate model documentation, including better descriptions of coupling and frameworks, and statistical downscaling methodologies. New support for regional climate models and re-analyses data will also be initiated. This will lead to new CIM controlled vocabularies (CV) to be handed to SA2 for community governance. Working groups will be established for each theme, and these will, in the first 6 months, identify and establish contact with the key community projects (in Europe and elsewhere) in each area.  
    102114   * Milestone MS54: Synthesis report on metadata requirements regarding relevant data archives, due at month 42, and the responsibility of STFC. 
     116==== SA2 ==== 
     118CMS does not have a formal engagement with SA2, but clearly JRA3 is related to SA2, and the proposal that CMS has leadership for Metadata, means that the relevant information about SA2 is included here: 
     120The '''ENES Climate Data Infrastructure (ENES-CDI) ''' is a distributed infrastructure accessible via the ENES portal. Operators are located in : Hamburg, Germany (WDCC/DKRZ), Didcot, Great Britain (CEDA/STFC), Paris, France (CNRS-IPSL), De Bilt, The Netherlands (KNMI), Linköping, Sweden (LIU), Copenhagen, and Denmark (DMI). 
     122The relevant part of SA2 is Task2: 
     123 * '''Meta-data Services''' New developments in the metadata part for CIM related tools are integrated into the metadata services and will 
     124become part of the services activities during the course of the project.  
     125   * Meta-data services in SA2 are focussed on support of meta-data access while meta-data services in SA1 are concentrating on population of CIM instances. 
     126   * Activity CIM Governance (STFC) This task organises the maintenance of CIM schema and related controlled vocabularies with emphasis on 
     127model and experiment descriptions. Outputs from NA4 metadata networking task in the form of scientific requirements from CORDEX and the impacts community will be integrated. 
     128   * Activity: CIM Repository (DKRZ, CNRS-IPSL This task operates the model and experiment metadata repository based on CIM instances from the METAFOR project and CMIP5.  
     129     * Elsewhere a firmer statement is that WDCC/DKRZ will operate the CIM model and experiment repository and provide services for climate model data quality control. I expect this means CNRS-IPSL are maintaining the code for the operational service.