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Metadata in IS-ENES2

This page provides a short list of the key IS-ENES2 launch activities which need to be addressed from a CMS perspective. In the longer term, these activities will be documented on one or both of an IS-ENES2 work tracker (tbd) and the es-doc cog.

Amongst other things, it is intended to help the briefing of CMS staff working on IS-ENES2.


  • The key metadata activity within IS-ENES2 is a follow on project of metafor.
    • The key product of the Metafor project (with collaborators) were:
      • The Common Information Model (CIM) for describing models and the simulation workflow. See for example Lawrence et al 2012.
      • Controlled vocabularies for describing aspects of models (to be used in instances of CIM descriptions). See for example Moine et al 2013
  • Currently the metafor activity has been subsumed into an international project under the es-doc label:

Current Priorities

Generic: From an IS-ENES2 perspective:

  1. Establish the internal IS-ENES2 metadata organisation
    1. Need to make sure it is cross-cutting wrt IS-ENES2 work packages (JRA, NA etc).
    2. May take some advantage of es-doc cog, and/or telcos, as well as internal mechanisms.
  2. Re-establish the European network to feed into es-edoc
  3. Establish and document priority actions for IS-ENES2 activities
  4. Begin a programme of external communication
    1. Identify an external user group and a set of beta testers.
    2. Consider what training is needed.
    3. Formalise links with other projects (EU, US where necessary (and not already covered by es-doc).
    4. Liaise with CMIP6 preparation.

Metadata Management Issues (these are the most time critical activities):

  1. Quality control the existing CMIP5 documentation.
  2. Update existing CMIP5 documentation in the light of new knowledge acquired for the IPCC AR5.
  3. Communicate with modelling groups accordingly.

IS-ENES2 DoW Milestones and Deliverables

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