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Metadata in IS-ENES2

This page provides a short list of the key IS-ENES2 launch activities which need to be addressed from a CMS perspective. In the longer term, these activities will be documented on one or both of an IS-ENES2 work tracker (tbd) and the es-doc cog.

Amongst other things, it is intended to help the briefing of CMS staff working on IS-ENES2.


  • The key metadata activity within IS-ENES2 is a follow on project of metafor.
    • The key product of the Metafor project (with collaborators) were:
      • The Common Information Model (CIM) for describing models and the simulation workflow. See for example Lawrence et al 2012.
      • Controlled vocabularies for describing aspects of models (to be used in instances of CIM descriptions). See for example Moine et al 2013
  • Currently the metafor activity has been subsumed into an international project under the es-doc label:

Current Priorities

(These are across the entire IS-ENES2, so CMS doesn't have to do all this, but we probably have to coordinate it.)

Generic: From an IS-ENES2 perspective:

  1. Establish the internal IS-ENES2 metadata organisation
    1. Need to make sure it is cross-cutting wrt IS-ENES2 work packages (JRA, NA etc).
    2. May take some advantage of es-doc cog, and/or telcos, as well as internal mechanisms.
    3. Identify who is the relevant European community - funded within this project or not.
  2. Re-establish the European network to feed into es-edoc
  3. Establish and document priority actions for IS-ENES2 activities
  4. Begin a programme of external communication
    1. Identify an external user group and a set of beta testers.
    2. Consider what training is needed.
    3. Formalise links with other projects (EU, US where necessary (and not already covered by es-doc).
    4. Liaise with CMIP6 preparation.

Metadata Management Issues (these are the most time critical activities):

  1. Quality control the existing CMIP5 documentation.
  2. Update existing CMIP5 documentation in the light of new knowledge acquired for the IPCC AR5.
  3. Communicate with modelling groups accordingly.

Technical Activities:

  1. CIM:
    1. Institute the governance body documented by Metafor
    2. Establish any new requirements from the CMIP5 quality control exercise.
    3. Establish any new requirements from new projects (s2d, obs4mips, CCI, Copernicus, Ermitage).
    4. Revisit CIM 2.0 in the light of new requirements.
  2. Controlled Vocab (CV):
    1. Ensure that the CV is covered by the CIM governance body too (as proposed by Metafor).
    2. Evaluate lessons from CMIP5 for global GCM CV.
      • It has been suggested that some discrimination between core and tiers would be helpful, but consider whether this is an issue for the CV, or the tools (including creators and validators).
    3. Consider how (or whether) to incorporate other CVs (e.g. downscaling, ERMITAGE, s2d, obs etc).
  3. Tools (taking responsibility for technical work at CMS as appropriate):
    1. Evaluate the future of "the questionnaire" vis-a-viz other possible tools (i.e. django-forms and the evolved PIMMS questionnaire).
    2. Help guide the evolution of other tools (including viewers, comparators and validators)
    3. Liaise with work on Annotation (CHARMe)
    4. Scientific and Technical responsibility for repository. Who? Where? How?
      • Who does and validates content migration?

IS-ENES2 DoW Milestones and Deliverables

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