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The second InfraStructure for the European Network for Earth System Simulation project (IS-ENES2) begun in May 2013, and will run for four years. It is the continuation of two previous projects: IS-ENES and Metafor.

NCAS is engaged in a number of work packages in IS-ENES2, through CMS, NCAS/Climate and the NCAS/BADC (via the BADC host organisation, the Centre for Environmental Data Archival, CEDA. The lead investigator in CMS is Professor Bryan Lawrence. This page summarises the CMS and Climate activities.

The formal engagement is via the following work packages:

Id Effort Short Description of Work Package Activities
NA1 (WP2) 8 pm ENES Strategy: aiming at strengthening the integration of the ENES community. Three main task areas: strengthening the governance of ENES, further develop the ENES strategy, and support community building (including training). CMS is co-leader of this work package with CNRS, and has particular responsibilities for governance and reporting, developing the strategy, and training.
NA2 (WP3) 12 pm Model Futures: The general aim of this work package is to prepare the community for future computing platforms. The CMS engagement in this is three-fold: implementing radiation codes (2014 or later), examining and documenting existing model codes (2013-2014), and organising a workshop on model code comparisons.
NA5 (WP6) 2pm Innovation through collaboration with ICT companies. The main role of CMS is in attending workshops aimed at mutual exchange of information between climate modellers and industry to foster the co-design idea in hardware and software development.
JRA1 (WP9) 16 pm
JRA3 (WP11) 21 pm

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