Integrating MetUM-GOML into Rose

See for KPP info in general.

CMS have been contracted to develop a user interface which will simplify KPP job configuration and submission. Rosalyn Hatcher and Annette Osprey are providing the CMS effort (3PM).

There are two components to the project which will address the needs of users of

  • the current KPP setup using UM version 7.8 though the UMUI
  • users of the KPP incorporated into the UM trunk at UM 10.X

A prototype Rose KPP suite is under development which will allow editing of the KPP namelists, copy the 3D_ocn.nml namelist over to ARCHER and perform consistency checking against the associated UMUI job. Further refinements will include a KPP build component.

It is anticipated that experience gained in developing the Rose suite for use by current KPP users will speed the development of the suite for the upgraded KPP code.

The prototype suite is currently under review by the KPP user group.

This project has now been superceded by the FASCINATE project.

See attached documentation.

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