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CMS are undertaking installation of the UM versions to the new Cray XC40. Not all UM versions currently available on the IBM MONSooN will be ported to the new machine. The versions being installed are 6.6.3 (as 6.6.6), 7.3, 8.2, 8.4, 8.5, 8.6, 9.x and 10.x.

For each UM version this involved (but was not limited to):

  • Setting up the $UMDIR/vnx.y directory on MONSooN
  • Installing the appropriate version of GCOM
  • Modifying the UMUI to add appropriate options to windows for submission to the XC40, as well as processing logic to produce the correct qsub submission scripts.
  • Adding the FCM configuration files
  • Testing a range of standard job configurations, NRUNs, CRUNs, checking for bit reproducibility, etc
  • Modifying the archiving scripts

Details of the UM installations available on the XC40 and information on how to convert a UM job from the MONSooN IBM to run on the XC40 are available on the Collaboration Twiki: CrayUMInstall

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