Upgrade of Monsoon

In March 2017 the Cray XC40 Monsoon (XCM) was upgraded and became a logical partition (trustzone called XCS-C) of the Met Office HPC rather than a standalone machine.

CMS managed the migration of UM versions required by the Monsoon community to the new Cray XC40. Not all the UMUI versions that were available on XCM were ported to the new machine. CMS gathered information from the previous year on which UMUI versions were being used on the current and advised the MMG on which versions should be ported to the new XCS. The UM versions made available on the new XCS system were 6.6.6, 7.3, 8.2 and 8.4 plus all Rose UM versions.

  • Modifying the UMUI to add appropriate options to windows for submission to XCS, as well as processing logic to produce the correct qsub submission scripts.
  • Testing a range of standard job configurations, NRUNs, CRUNs, checking for bit reproducibility, etc
  • Testing the archiving scripts
  • Ensuring standard data, links all in place

Working with both the UM Systems team for access to the shared central UMDIR and agreeing what should and shouldn't be under there and Monsoon team to sort out technical problems with Monsoon setup, etc.

Details of the UM installations available on the XCS-C are available on the Collaboration Twiki: UM Install

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