CMS were funded for 1 month to port a Rose-based ocean assimilation suite from the Met Office to MONSooN. The suite is a slimmed down version of the operational FOAM system. It performs a 24-hour cylce that runs i) the NEMO observation operator, ii) the NEMOVAR assimilation system, and iii) the NEMO Incremental Analysis Update step.

This suite will be used by Keith Haines' team which includes researcher Chris Thomas. The suite has been successfully ported to MONSooN and run for 2 days. Currently those involved are working out a time period to run a longer case study for.

Instructions for running

Notes on how the suite works

This image shows the dependency graph of the Rose tasks within the suite for a 3 day run.

Graph showing NEMO-NEMOVAR cycling suite.


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