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    1 = Running the NEMO-NEMOVAR assimilation suite =  
     1= NEMO-NEMOVAR assimilation suite for MONSooN =  
    3 Instructions for running [ puma-aa145] on MONSooN.  
     3Instructions for running [ puma-aa145] on MONSooN. This refers to revision 429.  
    55This is a port of the Met Office suite mi-af769@33134 developed by Chris Hughes. 
     7== Running ==  
     9The suite is set up to run a 2 day test with 1 day cycling, starting from 1 Jan 2011. Note that for this particular date, no profile data are available, so the "daily_observations_profile" app will fail. The NEMO observation operator can still run without this data, however, and the suite should continue to run.  
     11* Take a copy of the suite (using {{{rosie suite-copy}}} or {{{rosie checkout}}}).  
     13* Edit the {{{GROUP}}} variable in the {{{rose-suite.conf}}} file to your MONSooN project (it is currently set to "jomp"). No other changes should be required.  
     15* The suite can then be run using {{{rose suite-run}}}.  
     17== Editing ==  
     19To change the start date and run length, edit the {{{START_POINT}}} and {{{RUN_LENGTH}}} variables in the {{{rose-suite.conf}}} file. 
     21You will also need to edit the "daily_fluxes", "daily_observations" and "fixed_restarts" apps to point to the locations of the input data.  
     23Unlike many other suites, the app definitions are held in a branch of the UKMO repository: [[br]] 
     24[ r5062_standalone_apps_MONSooN/config/Rose/apps]  
     26This is specified in the {{{rose-suite.conf}}} file as follows:  
     33To make changes, checkout a copy of the branch and set {{{source}}} to be the path to the working copy.  
     35To checkout run:  
     37fcm checkout svn:// 
     40Navigate to the app directories (eg config/Rose/apps/operational_atmospheric_forcing) and edit the environment variables set in the {{{rose-app.conf}}} files.  
     42If profile input data is available, be sure to switch to the proper version of the "nemo_cice" app.  
     50To do: Move environment variables to higher level so that don't need to change branch to change data directories.  
     52== Input data ==  
     54There are interface definitions for each of the apps. 
     56== Output data ==  
     58== Timings ==