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NEMO-NEMOVAR assimilation suite for MONSooN

Instructions for running puma-aa145 on MONSooN. This refers to revision 429.

This is a port of the Met Office suite mi-af769@33134 developed by Chris Hughes.


The suite is set up to run a 2 day test with 1 day cycling, starting from 1 Jan 2011. Note that for this particular date, no profile data are available, so the "daily_observations_profile" app will fail. The NEMO observation operator can still run without this data, however, and the suite should continue to run.

  • Take a copy of the suite (using rosie suite-copy or rosie checkout).
  • Edit the GROUP variable in the rose-suite.conf file to your MONSooN project (it is currently set to "jomp"). No other changes should be required.
  • The suite can then be run using rose suite-run.


To change the start date and run length, edit the START_POINT and RUN_LENGTH variables in the rose-suite.conf file.

You will also need to edit the "daily_fluxes", "daily_observations" and "fixed_restarts" apps to point to the locations of the input data.

Unlike many other suites, the app definitions are held in a branch of the UKMO repository:

This is specified in the rose-suite.conf file as follows:


To make changes, checkout a copy of the branch and set source to be the path to the working copy.

To checkout run:

fcm checkout svn://

Navigate to the app directories (eg config/Rose/apps/operational_atmospheric_forcing) and edit the environment variables set in the rose-app.conf files.

If profile input data is available, be sure to switch to the proper version of the "nemo_cice" app.


To do: Move environment variables to higher level so that don't need to change branch to change data directories.

Input data

There are interface definitions for each of the apps.

Output data


From 2 day test run on 196 MPI tasks (6 nodes).

App Day 1 Day 2
nemo_cice_obsoper 685 s 703 s
nemovar 543 s 558 s
nemo_cice_iau 609 s 603 s

Note these times are for the full app which includes the parallel executable and serial processing scripts.