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In response to a request for a local installation of OpenIFS for use in an MSc project (Bob Plant and Alice Gill) with possible extension to departmental-wide usage, Jeff Cole has developed the required infrastructure to enable OpenIFS to run on an NCAS sever (um2).

Glenn Carver (ECMWF) recently updated the PUMA OpenIFS repository with version 38r1v02; Jeff has created a branch for use on um2.

[Effort: 2 weeks]

How to run OpenIFS on um2

1) Add the following line to your .profile

. $HOME/oifs.setup

2) Copy /home/oifs/oifs.setup to your home directory

cp /home/oifs/oifs.setup ~

3) Login to um2

ssh -X username@um2

4) Create oifs directory and cd into it

mkdir ~/oifs
cd ~/oifs

5) Extract IFS code from repository, including branch which sets up the code to
run on um2

fcm checkout fcm:oifs/branches/dev/jeff/r22_run_on_um2

6) Build IFS executable

cd r22_run_on_um2/make
fcm make -j 4 -v -f oifs.cfg

7) cd to your IFS run directory, should be on a data disk not your home directory, e.g.

cd /panfs/jasmin/users/username/oifs/

8) Copy over/download your IFS experiment data and cd to your run directory

9) Copy run script from IFS code

cp ~/oifs/r22_run_on_um2/examples/ .

10) Run model

./ -e OIFS_EXPID -m ~/oifs/r22_run_on_um2/make/gnu-opt/oifs/bin/master.exe -r OIFS_RES -n NPROC -f FCLEN -x OIFS_RUN 2>&1 | tee run.out


OIFS_RES   : model resolution, e.g. 511
OIFS_EXPID : model experiment id - must match string in filenames
NPROC      : number of MPI tasks, e.g. 24 for t511 resolution
FCLEN      : Run length, dxx days; hxx hours; txxx timesteps, e.g. d10 for a 10 day run

see script for further arguments.


Initial testing with a t511 model gives the timing results

Number of MPI tasks quickest time for 1 Timestep (seconds)
64 59
48 56
32 43
24 43
16 57