Karthee Sivalingam now holds a CMS/MO post with the aim of supporting the JWCRP (Joint Weather and Climate Research Programme) high resolution and earth system modelling programmes by improving the portability, scalability, data handling, and overall performance of the Unified Model. This role is to be undertaken in the context of providing support for specific projects for specific computer architectures.

Porting Register

UM Version Job desc UMUI Installed NRUN CRUN CHECK PORT Climate Meaning Optimisation Archiving Post-processing Remote Data Copy long-term climatological check
8.5 N512 L180 GA 6.0 xjanp Yes Passed Passed NA NA Yes No NA NA
8.5 N216 L180 GA 6.0 xjlef Yes Passed Passed NA NA Yes No NA NA
8.4 N512 L85 GA 6.0 xjanu Yes Passed Passed Passed - HECTOR to ARCHER Yes Yes No NA NA
8.6 GA4.0 & UKCA CheST & GLOMAP xjnjb Yes Passed - Only for the same PE decomposition Failed (expect it to Not bit-compare- Mohit Dalvi) - NA Yes No NA NA
8.5 GC2 N96/Orca1 xjnja Yes Passed Passed NA NA - No NA NA
8.5 GA6.0 N216 antib xjlee Yes Passed Passed NA NA Yes No NA NA
8.5 GA6.0 N95 antia xjleo Yes Passed Passed NA NA - - NA NA

Porting and Support for high-resolution climate modelling

Setting up the N512 ORCA 025 job for FEBBRAIO project. Performed scaling analysis, performance optimisaton and general issue resolutions.

Started running N512 ORCA025 job (100 model years) for FEBBRAIO project. The job will complete one model year per day.

Development of script to rebuild NEMO files and manage data (Ongoing).

Cray Reveal performance optimisation

Manuscript entitled "Performance analysis and Optimisation of the Met Unified Model on a Cray XC30" has been submitted for publication in the International Journal of High Performance Computing.

Karthee delivered an invited talk at Edinburgh 2015 presenting the performance analysis and data.

Karthee also presented at ECMWF.

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