From UM vn9.0 onwards the UMUI will be replaced with Rose - a framework for managing scientific applications, incorporating the Cylc metascheduler for controlling complex workflows. Both Rose and Cylc are currently under development and CMS is working to ensure Rose will be fully compatible with PUMA and the remote hosts we support (Polaris and HECToR and soon ARCHER), with as smooth a transition for users as possible.

Complications arise when working with supercomputer services with differing policies regarding access to and from the machine. HECToR, for example, prevents processes from running on the service nodes which are not attached to a terminal – this caused some problems for Cylc which needs to send messages to PUMA to tell Rose about job progress. Issues like these are being resolved by the system architects with input from CMS. Rose will use this system to schedule UM build, reconfiguration, runs, nested jobs, ensemble runs…. in the future.


Comments and questions arising from the first phase of getting Rose working on ARCHER: RoseNotes



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