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The United Kingdom Chemistry and Aerosols project is a collaboration between the universities of Cambridge, Leeds, Oxford, and the Met Office. Its objective is to develop, evaluate and make available a new UK community atmospheric chemistry-aerosol global model suitable for a range of topics in climate and environmental change research.

More information on UKCA can be found on the UKCA wiki. This site covers documentation and publications using UKCA, as well as providing information on UKCA standard UMUI jobs & Rose suites that are available for use on both ARCHER and MONSooN. A series of UKCA tutorials are also available which cover the addition of tracers, emissions, chemical reactions, dry and wet deposition, and diagnostics into UKCA. A UKCA Theory and Practice Workshop is run every year (See UKCA website for further details)

The key UKCA partners also organise an Annual UK Composition-Climate Interactions Meeting, which has been hosted in Leeds, Oxford, and Cambridge, and will be held at the UK Met Office in 2014.

Support for UKCA provided by NCAS by Luke Abraham who is based in the Centre for Atmospheric Science in the University of Cambridge.