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The UKESM project is a collaboration between NERC and the Met Office, to develop, apply and analyse the next generation of UK Earth system models (ESMs). UKESM has two overriding objectives:

  • To develop and apply a world-leading Earth System Model.
  • Grow a community of UK ESM scientists.

The UKESM core team, was established in 2013, jointly funded by NERC and the Met Office builds on other projects developing component models in the UK modelling community.

The project will run from 2013-2021 and will deliver the first version of the model, UKESM1, which will be used for the UK’s ESM contribution to the next international coupled model intercomparison project (CMIP6).

CMS is providing support in a number of ways. On this page we list the major sub-projects that CMS will be engaged in (beyond generic support of the UM Infrastructure in academia).

  • Diagnostics - based around supporting the handling the data from, and evaluation of, UKESM1 simulations.
  • Coupling - evaluating opportunities for improving coupling (and concurrency) in UKESM1 and future UKESM models.


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Further information on the UKESM project can be found on the ​UKESM website.

UKESM1 Release

UKESM1 was released for use by UK researchers in February 2019. Instructions are provided on how to access and configure the model to run on NERC and Met Office computer systems.

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