UM Nesting Suite

The Met Office's Nesting suite allows the user to automatically run a series of nested limited area models (LAMS) by launching a single job. The suite is driven via the UMUI and commands executed on the supercomputer. It comprises a set of UMUI jobs to build the executables and another set of customised UMUI jobs to define the series of LAMS. These are supported by a collection of "hand edit" scripts. Users develop their own series of LAMS by editing the customised jobs. Up to five levels of nesting are supported. Version 8.2+ of the suite already ran on MONSooN. NCAS-CMS have recently successfully ported this to HECToR despite significant architectural differences between the two computers. For example, the policy for running SSH agents and the job queuing employed by HECToR are different from those used by the Met Office supercomputers. NCAS-CMS also installed version 8.1 of the Met Office Central Ancillary Program on HECToR to support the generation of user ancillary files.

The Nesting Suite code can be found on PUMA in ~umui/Nesting_Suite

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