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    55NCAS-CMS has considerable experience with software which does the format conversion externally to the model run. Jeff Cole authored xconv and convsh, which are widely used to convert fields files or pp files to NetCDF with support for the CF conventions. David Hassell is developing CF-Python which is a python implementation of the CF data model and can perform the pp to CF-NetCDF conversion. We have taken the next step and have begun working on modifications to the UM for direct CF-NetCDf output.  
     7The project aims are 
     9* Directly write UM STASH output in CF-NetCDF format 
     10* Implement the entire UM STASH panel 
     11* Convert PP-file metadata to CF metadata 
     12* Support standard and mean PP files 
     13* Support NetCDF versions 3 and 4, including data compression 
     14* Support multiple versions of the UM 
     16Considerable progress has been made and further effort is ongoing. Things to do include 
     18* Finish implementing the CF attributes (cell methods, bounds) 
     19* Further consider unlimited dimensions 
     20* Complete STASH panel options (meaning, grid subsection, timeseries) 
     21* Add support for mean PP files 
     22* Put in code so PP output works when files are re-initialised and for CRUNs 
     23* Add support for writing NetCDF data in I/O Server code 
     25We recently described progress with this project at the UM User Workshop - please see the attached for details.