This is an eCSE funded project with 19 person months effort split into two work streams for 12 and 7 months each. Details of the work to be done are here eCSE_UM-XIOS_Proposal.docx​.

Kick-off meeting

The project kicked off with a meeting in Reading on May 11 2017 attended by Bryan Lawrence, Jeff Cole, Rupert Nash, Michele Weiland (by video) and Grenville Lister.

Rupert has access to NEMO and XIOS repositories and we have configured a simple Rose suite (u-ag051-ao) which runs in the ARCHER short queue to provide timely XIOS output as a test case.

UM updates

Updated fcm-make configuration files to link UM executable to XIOS modules and library and set default compile/link flags for UM XIOS support.

Updated fcm-make rose meta-data to supply location of XIOS modules and library and override default compile/link flags for UM for UM XIOS support.

Updated um-atmos rose meta-data to switch on XIOS support and supply location of XIOS executable.

Modified UM test suite to launch UM and XIOS executables with user supplied aprun options.

Modified UM source code to initialise and finalise XIOS + send XIOS UM calendar information and update XIOS every timestep with current UM date.

Added UM XIOS modules to interface with XIOS library.

Telco 23 June 2017

Discussion of NEMO/XIOS version compatibility; need to maintain consistent builds. Jeff to test the NEMO stand alone job with XIOS2

UM updates II

Created rose macro to convert STASHmaster, STASH2CF and rose configuration data into XIOS XML files. This will select fields to output, setup vertical level meta-data and create grid definitions.

Added UM code to set XIOS domain attributes for main UM grids, including domain decomposition over processor configuration.

Added UM code to send UM output data to XIOS executable.

Added UM code to select subset of output data corresponding to output levels.

All the above is still under development.

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