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CMS provides direct funded and un-funded support for a range of projects.

Current Projects

Ongoing developments in the exploitation of the CF Python data model

Excellence in SImulation of Weather and Climate in Europe

Making the standard GA assessment jobs and data available to the NERC community.

Preliminary investigation of Dynamo optimization on GPUs and MIC using OpenACC

Development of UM diagnostic capability to generate processed model output at reduced spatial resolution

This is a NERC project “Improving simple climate models through process-based analysis of ocean heat uptake in AOGCMs and observations” (T.Kuhlbrodt, R Tailleux, J M Gregory).

The second InfraStructure for the European Network for Earth System Simulation project. Funded for 51 months FTE (2013-17)

Integrating MetUM-GOML into Rose

Design and implementation of UM modules for ARCHER to facilitate the management of software upgrades

Installation, porting, and testing of UMs from the IBM MONSooN to the Cray MONSooN

A Rose-based ocean assimilation suite ported from the Met Office to MONSooN

Installation of OpenIFS on ARCHER

A local installation of OpenIFS for use in an MSc project and as a test case for possible wider use as a teaching tool

From UM vn9.0 onwards the UMUI will be replaced with Rose

Set up SWAMMA 40km, 12km, and 4km SWAMMA runs; perform the intergrations on ARCHER, manage the resulting data sets.

United Kingdom Chemistry and Aerosols project

Project working on modifying the UM to write CF-NetCDF output.

Development and delivery of hands-on UM training incorporating ROSE/Cylc technology and coupled modelling

Previous Projects


Two 100 model year runs of N512 ORCA 025 GC2 jobs

N96 ORCA1 GC2 job is ported to NOC machine MOBILIS



Making the transition from HECToR to ARCHER

Climate Model Initialisation and Improvement using Particle Filter Code is a NERC funded project lead by PJ van Leeuwen at Reading University.

Collaboration with ECMWF with the aim of implementing a more sophisticated I/O model in OpenIFS (on HECToR)

Porting the Met Office's Nesting Suite to HECToR

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