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Things users need to do following a reboot of PUMA

1. Restart ssh-agent

Logging in for the first time after a PUMA reboot should launch a new ssh-agent. You will then need to run ssh-add to add any ssh-keys to the agent to re-enable log in to remote machines (e.g. ARCHER, JASMIN, etc).

If you encounter an error when running ssh-add please refer to the FAQs: Troubleshooting ssh on PUMA

2. Restart any running Rose/Cylc suites

When PUMA is rebooted any running Rose/Cylc? suites are stopped. Tasks that had already been submitted to remote machines, will have continued to run, but since Cylc is no longer running on PUMA no further tasks can be submitted. You need to restart the suite by running:

rose suite-run --restart

You may find you will get a message similar to the one below saying the suite may still be running:

ros@puma$ rose suite-run --restart
[FAIL] Suite "u-ac550" may still be running.
[FAIL] Host "localhost" has port-file:
[FAIL]     ~ros/.cylc/ports/u-ac550
[FAIL] Try "rose suite-shutdown --name=u-ac550" first

Follow the instructions and try running rose suite-shutdown --name=<suite-id> first. If that fails, probably with a connection error, then you need to delete the port-file. These can be found under the directory ~/.cylc/ports. For the above example:

ros@puma$ rm ~/.cylc/ports/u-ac550

Then try restarting your suite again.