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     3= PUMA User Registration and Terms of Usage = 
     5The PUMA (Providing UM Access) Service is delivered by NCAS and hosted by the University of Reading. The service is provided for bona fide UM activities. The use of these services must be legal, honest and decent. This includes, but is not limited to: 
     7    1. complying with all UK and international laws and regulations regarding computer and data use. 
     8    1. being considerate to others. 
     9    1. using resources responsibly. Irresponsible use includes collection, creation, display and circulation of material that others would find offensive. 
     10    1. observing simple security protocols such as not sharing passwords and keeping passwords safe. 
     12'''Notice: Failure to observe these rules will lead to the closure of your PUMA account.''' 
     14By registering for a PUMA account you are agreeing to the UM licensing conditions that you will: 
     16    1. NOT give the UM to others 
     17    1. NOT use the UM for commercial purposes 
     18    1. NOT publish or do anything that could bring the UM or Met office into disrepute.  
     20To register for a PUMA account please email clearing stating the following: 
     22 * Full name 
     23 * Your institution 
     24 * Email address (This must be a valid or address) 
     25 * Your requested PUMA user id 
     26 * A list of the FCM repositories that you require access to. E.g. UM (vn6.6.3+), NEMO, CICE 
     27 * A sentence indicating your acceptance of the above terms of usage.