The PUMA Service

PUMA (Providing Unified Model Access) is the service set up by NCAS-CMS to provide the UK research community with centralised access to the UM on ARCHER and other national HPCs. CMS runs the PUMA service on hardware located at the University of Reading. It currently hosts no less than 27 code repositories including UM, NEMO, CICE, and mirrors of the Met-Office Science Repository Service (MOSRS), and associated Trac systems for approximately 880 users. Some of the repositories; for example KPP are accessible to the global community.

Applying for Access

There are several levels of access to the PUMA service depending on what you will be using it for as detailed below.

PUMA Login Account

You will need to register for a unix account on PUMA if you require:

  • Access to the UMUI & FCM for submission of UM jobs up to vn8.6 and NEMO/CICE to ARCHER, Monsoon2, Mobilis, etc
  • Submission of Rose suites (UM version 10.x) to ARCHER.

Please email the CMS Team to ask for the PUMA registration link (We have been experiencing frequent spam registrations, so have had to remove the link to the registration form from this page). Once your request has been authorized, you will be sent login details to access both the PUMA service and the CMS Helpdesk.

If you will only be running suites on Monsoon2 then you DO NOT need a PUMA account.

For help on getting started with the PUMA service please read the Introduction to PUMA page.

Access to one of the Public Repositories

If you only require access to a publicly accessible code repository, you DO NOT need a PUMA account. Please email the CMS Team with the following information:

  • Name of the repository you require access to
  • Your preferred username
  • Your email address


Help! PUMA has been rebooted and things have stopped working… See Puma/ThingsToDoAfterReboot

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