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The PUMA Service

PUMA (Providing Unified Model Access) is the service set up by NCAS to provide the UK research community with a centralized Unified Model User Interface (UMUI). A centralized UMUI means that all NCAS sites benefit from UMUI improvements and make it easy to share jobs and local files.

A further motivator for this service was that from vn7.x the UM is managed by a new system, Flexible Configuration Management (FCM), introduced by the Met Office, which replaces nupdate for new versions of the UM. FCM uses subversion for change control mechanisms and Trac to document and view code changes. Read the FCM Overview (pdf) document for further information.

This new way of managing the UM requires that the UMUI is co-located with subversion and the UM. Expecting individual sites to maintain and support their own installations of FCM + UM is not feasible and would hinder collaboration.

In order to use this service you must register for an account. Once your request has been authorized, you will be given a login and password to access both the service and the CMS Helpdesk. We are currently experiencing spam registrations, whilst we work to fix this asap, please email Rosalyn on ncas-umsupport @ to ask for the PUMA registration link.

You DO NOT need a PUMA account if you only require access to a public code repository. See the list of public repositories. Please email Rosalyn Hatcher (ncas-umsupport @ specifying your preferred username to request access to these repositories.

If you will only be using Rose on MONSooN, you DO NOT need a PUMA account, only access to the PUMA Rose suite repository. Again please email us using the address above.

For help on getting started with the PUMA service please read the Introduction to PUMA page.

FCM User Guide (html)