To view suites on puma:
For suite output:

For some useful tips and FAQs: RoseCylc/Hints

UM Rose tutorial

The Met Office tutorial is available on the Met Office Science Repository Service:

There is also an alternative user guide which some might find useful:

For new users, the NCAS UM Introduction training course gets you started running the UM with Rose. Note that material from recent courses is also available for self-study:


Most of this will work with any UM suite, but for a simple test use:

  • u-aa774 for ARCHER
  • u-aa082 for Monsoon (set HOST_XC40 to 'xcsc')

Note that these suites are updated for each new UM release.

If you have not done so already, you will need to follow the set up instructions below.

Set up

MOSRS account and caching

To run UM10.x (and to use the roses-u repository) you will first need an account on the Met Office shared repository service (MOSRS). Please contact CMS to arrange this.

Some setup is then required to access the remote repository on puma (for submission to Archer) or MONSooN. This is detailed here:. (Note you need to log in with your MOSRS account to see this)

Then follow the link on "how to cache your password":

This is a little complicated so be sure to follow the instructions carefully.

If you are running on MONSooN

Rose suites on MONSooN are submitted from a Rose virtual machine called exvmsrose (not PUMA).

Follow these instructions:

You may also need to follow these additional steps if you find you get an error submitting your first Rose job: RoseCylc/Hints#Unabletosubmitjobs

For Rose Bush, run firefox on exvmsorse and navigate to: http://localhost/rose-bush/. (Note that rose suite-log will not work).

If you are running on Archer

On Archer, rose suites are submitted from puma as with UMUI jobs.

Puma set up

The correct paths on puma are now set up by default, so you no longer need to have anything in your .profile to load Rose, Cylc or FCM. If you have anything from previously this should be removed.

For UM jobs the variable $UMDIR needs to be set but it doesn't matter what to! Add the following to your .profile:

export UMDIR=/home/um

For Rose to work properly, the ssh-agent needs to be running on puma and not forwarded from elsewhere. Otherwise when logging out of puma, the agent will not persist and polling between puma and archer will not work. To set up ssh-keys from puma to Archer see: ArcherSshAgent

It's also recommended to set up rose host-select to work for ARCHER. To do so follow these instructions: RoseCylc/Hints#Settinguprosehost-selectarcher

You may also want to set up mail notifications, see: RoseCylc/Hints#Mailnotifications

Archer set up

First ensure that UMDIR and DATADIR are defined in your environment (try echo $UMDIR; echo $DATADIR).

  • Non-UM users should add:
    export UMDIR=/work/y07/y07/umshared
    export DATADIR=/work/n01/n01/<add-username>   # Set to your work space

All users need the following lines:

export PATH=$PATH:$UMDIR/software/bin

Note: We are no longer using modules to manage Rose, cylc and FCM on Archer. So remove any lines similar to the following:

# Remove these lines!!!
module use $UMDIR/modules
module load cylc 
module load fcm
module load rose

Configuring your environment

You can change the default text editors that Rose uses (but note that gvim is not available on PUMA):

Syntax highlighting is available for common editors for the Rose and cylc configuration files. This is really useful if you are editing these by hand (i.e. not through the editor GUI). For instructions see:


Cylc user guide (including example suites):

Rose user guide (including tutorial exercises):

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