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    9797== Troubleshooting common errors ==  
     99=== rose host-select archer error ===  
     101If your PUMA and ARCHER usernames are different you may see the following when submitting a suite:  
     104RosePopenError?: bash -ec H=$(rose\host-select\archer);\echo\$H # return-code=1, stderr= 
     105[WARN] (ssh failed) 
     106[WARN] (ssh failed) 
     108[FAIL] No hosts selected 
     111This is because rose is running a command called `rose host-select` to chose a machine to submit the suite to. The Met Office use this to choose the least loaded machine; and we use it for ARCHER to mitigate against situations where some of the ARCHER login nodes are down.  
     113To get this to work you will need to follow 2 steps:  
     115i) Configure your SSH settings so that it knows your ARCHER username. Open the file `~/.ssh/config` and add the following lines to the top of the file, replacing `<archer-username>` with your username:  
     117Host login* 
     118   User <archer-username>  
     121To check this is working correctly, try to login to ARCHER without your username:  
     126ii) Next run the following script which logs into each of the hosts to add them to your `~/.ssh/known_hosts` file. (Otherwise `rose host-select` will not be able to connect).  
     131Note that if the script can't connect to one of the hosts, for example because it is down, `rose host-select` won't be able to access it. This shouldn't matter too much if it is just one host, but you can add the host at a later time by re-running the script.  
     133To check this has worked correctly, run the command: {{{rose host-select archer}}} and it should return an active host.  
     135You should now be able to submit your suite successfully.  
    99137=== Rosie go asks for "username for u" ===