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    475475This is because rose is running a command called `rose host-select` to chose a machine to submit the suite to, and this command needs to know your ARCHER username. To set this follow these instructions: 
     477=== Unable to access STASHmaster from branch on ARCHER ===  
     479Some suites may reference files held in the repository for use at runtime. The most common example of this is the STASHmaster file. To make a change to the STASHmaster file requires editing the file in a branch and setting the path to this in the suite. However the method described in the instructions below will not work on ARCHER:  
     483You will get an error like: 
     485[FAIL] file:STASHmaster=source=fcm:um.xm_tr/rose-meta/um-atmos/HEAD/etc/stash/STASHmaster@31236: bad or missing value 
     486Received signal ERR 
     489This is because the job tries to access the repository from the ARCHER queues, which will not work. Note this will work on the XCS machines, so if you are porting a suite, it may have something like this in.  
     491The solution is to make the suite extract the file on PUMA and then copy over to ARCHER with the other suite files.  
     493You will have a line in `app/um/rose-app.conf` such as:  
     499This should be removed, and the following added to the `rose-suite.conf` file:  
     506Note the `source=` line is identical but the target `[file:]` line needs to reflect the intended location in the suite directory structure.  
     508This will extract the file on PUMA and install it to the `app/um` directory on ARCHER which will have exactly the same affect as extracting on ARCHER directly would have done.  
     510This method will work for any similar files.