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Useful information for running with Rose

To switch versions of Rose and/or cylc

  • On puma and MONSooN export the variables: CYLC_VERSION=x.y.z and ROSE_VERSION=YYYY.MM.DD
  • On Archer use module switch command.

To view suite graph without running

When developing suites, it can be useful to check what the run graph looks like after jinja evaluation etc. To do this without running the suite:

rose suite-run -i --name=puma-aa045  # install suite in cylc db only
cylc graph puma-aa045                # view graph in browser       

Setting the default size of the rose edit window

Setting the default size of the rose edit window and the width of the rose edit left hand menu pane can be very helpful.

Edit ~/.metomi/rose.conf

Adding the following information to the file sets the default size and width of the rose config-edit (rose edit) window:

SIZE_WINDOW = (1100, 650)

For details of further customisations that can be made to the rose edit window see:

Launching Rose commands

It is possible to launch many of the Rose tools from the various GUIs. For example you can run or edit suites from rosie go, run suites from rose edit, and view log files from rose suite-gcontrol whilst the suite is running.

When running rose from the command line make sure to run from the appropriate roses/ directory or append the suite name using --name=puma-aa045, e.g.

rose suite-shutdown --name puma-aa015

Stop archiving of log files

By default, when a suite is run, the log files from the previous run will be tarred up. To avoid this run rose suite-run with the flag --no-log-archive.

Diff'ing suites

There is no formal mechanism of comparing suites (yet).

However there is a tool which orders

Diffing suites ==============

There is no formal mechanism for this as yet. But there is a tool rose config-dump which sort all of the app files in the suite into a common format, which then allows for diff'ing between suites. For more info see: