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Cylc user guide (including example suites):

Rose user guide (including tutorial exercises):

Getting started


Add the following lines to your .profile:

Set up Rose and cylc
export PATH=/home/fcm/bin:$PATH
. ~fcm/setup_cylc


Follow these instructions:

Also create a ~/.metomi/rose.conf file containing:



UM Rose is not yet supported on Archer

Add the following lines to your .profile:

module use /work/n02/n02/hum/modules
module load cylc 
module load fcm
module load rose

For Rose on archer to work properly, the ssh-agent needs to be running on puma and not forwarded from elsewhere. Otherwise when logging out of puma, the agent will not persist and polling between puma and archer will not work. To set up ssh-keys from puma to Archer see:

Syntax highlighting

This is really useful for editing the Rose and cylc configuration files. For instructions see:

UM Rose tutorial

Look at:

Try using suite: puma-aa046

Hints and tips

Tips: CmsOnly/RoseCylcHints

Troubleshooting: CmsOnly/RoseCylcTroubleshooting