Old versions of the SCM UM8.x

These are set up in the UMUI, which transfers code across to ARCHER for the user to run manually.

These can be run on ARCHER using the method outlined on the CMS web site at Running the SCM on ARCHER (June, 2015).

See also the Met Office Collaboration Wiki Setting up the SCM on PUMA and MONSOON (April, 2014)


A JASMIN version of the TOGA-COARE SCM 11.3 (u-bj340) could not be built.

The Message Passing Interface currently installed on JASMIN is Lotus MPI version 8.2. It was installed in March 2012. It complies with the MPI 2.2 standard. The modern UM however requires an MPI 3.0 compliant interface.

  1. McGinty

25 June 2019

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