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Software Engineering Support


CMS deliver a bespoke 3-day practical course biannually and can provide ad hoc training throughout the year. Course details here.

The UKCA course is delivered annually to provide in-depth training for the UK Aerosol and Chemistry scheme, see course details.

Bug fixing, issue management etc

Raise tickets on the CMS helpdesk to get expert assistance with bugs in model codes and supporting infrastructure, including in

  • compilation
  • scripting
  • job submission
  • post-processing
  • data transfer
  • software management and version control
  • HPC and data resource requirements and allocations

Strategic projects

CMS is currently engaged in several important projects some listed here

project category description
UM-NetCDF core Developing UM Output file format functionality
CF-Pyhton core Python implementation of the CF Data model
CF-Plot, CF-View core Visulaization utilities building on CF-Python
UKESM - diagnostics NCAS other Development ESMVal and Autoassess for model intercpomparisons
UKESM - hybridization NCAS other Development of the hybrid-resolution UKESM
UKCA NCAS other UK Chemistry and Aerosol model
Optimization Funded Hybrid parallelization, cutting edge HPC
High Res Analysys Funded Analysis of high-resolution UPSCALE data

See the CMS projects page for a comprehensive listing.