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Central Ancillary Program

The Central Ancillary Program (CAP) creates UM ancillary files from an internal set of master data sources. The scientific and technical guides can be found on the ​Met Office Science Repository.


The Central Ancillary Program (CAP) is installed on ARCHER. You can find the executables and scripts under $UMDIR on ARCHER.

The CAP is controlled by two scripts CAP_interface and run_ancil.pbs. Copy these to a directory on ARCHER. You only need to edit the run_ancil.pbs script to define the domain and parameters for various ancillary files.

This allows you to create the ancillaries one by one in the order defined by run_ancil.pbs. To create the land/sea mask, just remove the comments from that section in run_ancil.pbs. When ready, just

qsub run_ancil.pbs

When the land/sea mask is created, check it carefully and then put the comments back and remove the comments from the orography section and repeat.


On Monsoon, there is also a version of the CAP installed. It is not meant to be used directly, but is to be driven by the Nesting Suite - see Rose suite u-aa753.

Installing CAP9.0 on ARCHER (old)

Xancil, a program to create UM ancillaries from user supplied netCDF data

W. McGinty

8 Feb 2018

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