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Defining a limited area domain - Lampos

The LAMPOS tool was developed at the Met Office and is used in positioning and defining a limited area domain. The user draws the limited area on a map, and the program calculates the position of the corners and the rotated pole.

The current version is 3.2A and this deals with both the old and new dynamics. This has been upgraded to include the latest grid rotation code from UM6.1. An over view of the tool can be found in the user guide.

The LAMPOS tool is also available on PUMA: simply type lampos.


The Lampos tool requires Tcl version 8 and perl. Download the Lampos distribution and put this in your home directory. Type, tar - xvf lampos.tar This will create a directory called lampos in your home directory. Next, add the following line to your .kshrc file: alias lampos='$HOME/lampos/lampos' and execute this. Then simply type lampos to run the tool.