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MDIAG generates a wide range of diagnostics, assuming an "old dynamics" Unified Model (i.e. UM versions prior to vn5.0). MDIAG takes as input the following basic set of UM fields,

Field 	                  STASH Code
------------------------  ----------
the surface orography     33
the surface pressure 	  1
the u component of wind   2
the v component of wind   3
the temperature           4004
the specific humidity     4010
the cloud liquid water    4205
the cloud liquid ice      4206
the omega field           12201

The code should work with any UM domain. The diagnostics available are listed in the MDIAG design.

Download MDIAG

The source code can be downloaded from the MDiag Project page.

Instructions for Running MDIAG

First convert the output from the UM to pp format:

ff2pp PP_input_file PP_output_file

Then run the program:

mdiag {PP input file} {Diagnostics file} {PP output file} [Orography file]

The square brackets denote optional arguments.

If the latitude and longitude on both the true and rotated grids is requested, then this will be written to a file called latlon.txt. If an orography file is supplied, it will override the orography in the PP input file, if any. The diagnostics file is obtained by editing a copy of MDIAG.CONTROL.FULL and deleting the diagnostics you don't want. It should be noted that the size of the output file, and the time taken to compute it, increases with the number of diagnostics requested. If you forget how to run the command, type the command name with no arguments and hit return.

Miscellaneous documents

MDIAG design notes

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