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     1= NDdiag = 
     3NDdiag ("New Dynamics" diagnostics) generates a wide range of diagnostics from Unified Model ouput (in PP format), assuming an "new dynamics" Unified Model (i.e. UM versions vn5.3 and onwards). NDdiag takes as input the following basic set of UM fields, at each timestep: 
     5Field                     STASH Code 
     6-----------------------   ---------- 
     7surface orography         33 
     8u component of wind       2 
     9v component of wind       3 
     10specific humidity         10 
     11w-wind                    150 
     12rho pressure levels       407 
     13theta pressure levels     408 
     14cloud liquid water        4205 
     15cloud liquid ice          4206 
     16temperature               16004 
     19== Instructions for running NDdiag == 
     21The command to run the code is: 
     23NDdiag {Input PP file} {control file} {Output PP file} 
     26If the latitude and longitude on both the true and rotated grids is requested, then this will be written to a file called `latlon.txt`. If an orography file is supplied, it will override the orography in the PP input file, if any. The control file is obtained by editing a copy of the control file that comes with the source code and deleting the diagnostics you don't want. 
     28It should be noted that the size of the output file, and the time taken to compute it, increases with the number of diagnostics requested. If you forget how to run the command, type the command name with no arguments and hit return. 
     30[[box(Note: When retrieving PP files from HECToR, it is some times necessary to swap the bytes of the retrieved file on the local computer.  This is due to differences in the architectures of the two computers., type=note)]] 
     32== Source Code == 
     34The NDdiag development trunk and branches are held under configuration control (Subversion) by NCAS-CMS. The NDdiag project can be found [ here].