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     1= UM-MCIP = 
     3UM-MCIP is the interface to the Meteorology Chemistry Interface Processor (MCIP) for UM data. This interface was developed by Aeolus, NCAS and the UK Met Office. 
     5The User Manual manual is available here:  UM-MCIP User Manual 2.0 
     7The code can be downloaded here: UM-MCIP version 2.0 
     9UMMCIP version 2.0 has been updated to cope with re-run data from the UK Met Office model for the period 8 to 28th July 2006. This re-run data is now available from BADC to fill gaps in their UK Met Office operational data archive. 
     11Version 2.0 also includes some upgrades and changes. The main changes are: 
     13 * to skip the fields if forecast time is before the MCIP start time. 
     15 * to allow the software to read hourly accumulated rainfall amount by introduce a variable `rain_type` into the filenames NAMELIST. To reflect this change, the `run_script` of `run_umcip` has been changed to `run_ummcip_2.0` in the directory of `run_script`. This variable `rain_type` should be defined for each input file as an array. If you have four files, the user should define `RAIN_TYPE=( 1 1 1 1 )` if all four files are hourly accumulated rainfall amount which is the case for newly filled re-run data. If files were from the operational UM archive, then change 1 to -1 to indicate the rainfall was accumulated from analysis time. 
     17 * to avoid using orography for getting `um_time` in the routine of `get_ppdetail`, this routine has been changed to skip the orography for setting `'um_start = curr_date'` when reading in orography which causes a problem when reading the re-run data of 8-28/07/2006. 
     19This new version was updated by Dr Chang Gui Wang from the UK Met Office but in the case of any queries or problems with this interface please contact NCAS CMS.