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The ff2pp utility converts standard PP and mean PP UM format files into 32 bit ieee PP format files, with standard Fortran unix type record blocking. The ff2pp utility will also convert any packed data into unpacked form. This utility does the same job as the standard UM utilities, ieee and convpp, but you only need to run ff2pp once on either a Cray or a workstation, whereas with the standard utilities you need to run ieee -32e on a Cray and then copy the output to a workstation and run convpp.


ff2pp [option] umfile ppfile

where option can be one of:

-ieee or -ieee32

UM format file is in 32 bit ieee format


UM format file is in 64 bit ieee format


UM format file is in 64 bit Cray format


Verbose output will be selected

If no option command line argument is given ff2pp will attempt to work out the UM file format. There is normally no need to specify the file format as it will usually be correctly worked out, but if not it can be entered on the command line.