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The umpack utility removes unused PP headers from UM files and it also removes unused space from the well formed I/O records. The umpack utility can only be used on standard PP and mean PP UM format files i.e. do not pack restart dumps or ancillary files. If UM automatic archiving is being used then any archived PP files will have been packed using umpack, otherwise it is a good idea to run this program on your PP files to save space. PP files should only be packed after the UM has finished writing to them, e.g. a continuation run may continue to write to a PP file after a new run has finished. PP files which are reinitialised are safe to pack when the UM creates the next PP file on the same channel.


umpack [option] umfile packed_umfile

where option can be one of

-ieee or -ieee32

UM format file is in 32 bit ieee format


UM format file is in 64 bit ieee format


UM format file is in 64 bit Cray format


Verbose output will be selected

If no option command line argument is given umpack will attempt to work out the UM file format. There is normally no need to specify the file format as it will usually be correctly worked out, but if not it can be entered on the command line.