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    9494== Science notes 
    96 (none) 
     96UKESM1-AMIP is an atmosphere-only version of the fully coupled UKESM1 configuration and for CMIP6 is run for the period 1979-2014. Its design follows the experiment design of [ Eyring et al (2016)]. The following Earth system components are not included in the AMIP: 
     98* Ocean and sea ice models (NEMO/CICE) 
     99* Interactive ocean biogeochemistry model (MEDUSA) 
     100* Land carbon cycle and dynamic vegetation model (TRIFFID) 
     102Instead, the AMIP configuration uses observed sea surface temperatures and sea ice concentrations [ as provided by PCMDI]. Vegetation (vegetation fractions, Leaf Area Index, canopy height) and surface ocean biology fields (DMS and chlorophyll) required as inputs to the model atmosphere are prescribed from member  `r5i1p1f3` of the UKESM1 CMIP6 historical ensemble, thereby maintaining traceability to the fully coupled model. Vegetation is therefore not dynamic (i.e. it is not predicted in the AMIP model) but the prescribed vegetation and its characteristics mirror those simulated by the TRIFFID dynamic vegetation scheme in the coupled historical run, as is the case for the surface ocean biological fields. 
     104Some additional detail about the prescribed fields: 
     105* prescribed vegetation fractions are a transient annual mean from the historical run. This allows time-varying land use change to be included in the AMIP run in a manner consistent with its treatment in the coupled historical simulations. 
     106* prescribed LAI is a 1979-2014 multi-annual monthly climatology of the historical run. 
     107* prescribed canopy height is a 1979-2014 annual mean climatology of the historical run. 
     108* prescribed ocean DMS and chlorophyll concentrations are a 1979-2014 multi-annual monthly climatology of the historical run.  
    98110== Known issues