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UKESM1 release notes

These are the notes for the first release of the UK Earth System Model (UKESM1). A brief introduction to UKESM1 can be found here.

Model configurations

The model is available in a number of configurations:

  • an atmosphere-only (so-called AMIP) configuration, in which the model atmosphere is forced by observed sea surface temperature and sea ice boundary conditions.
  • two fully coupled configurations, which each make use of all model components:
    • one set up to run the CMIP6 pre-industrial control experiment, and
    • one to run the CMIP6 historical experiment.

In addition, additional coupled configurations for the CMIP6 abrupt4xCO2 and 1%CO2 experiments can be created using the pre-industrial control experiment as a starting point.

A full description of how to access and run the AMIP configuration is here, whilst this page contains the instructions for accessing and running the coupled configurations.


  • Users running this suite on other machines should contact local support services.