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UM Configurations

UKESM1 release notes

Standard configurations available either as example jobs in the UMUI or Rose suites in the MOSRS rosie-u repository.


The HadGEM2 family of climate models represents the second generation of HadGEM configurations, with additional functionality including a well-resolved stratosphere and Earth System components.

HadGEM2 (Earth System, Carbon-Cycle, Coupled and AMIP configurations)


The HadGEM3 family of models comprises a range of specific model configurations incorporating different levels of complexity but with a common physical framework. The HadGEM3 family includes a coupled atmosphere-ocean configuration, with or without a vertical extension in the atmosphere to include a well-resolved stratosphere, and an Earth-System configuration which includes dynamic vegetation, ocean biology and atmospheric chemistry.

Global Atmosphere 6.0/Global Coupled 2.0

Global Atmosphere 7.0/Global Coupled 3.0


Details of the UKESM1 release and standard suites is available here: <add link to Jeremy's release notes>


The performance of various standard configurations on ARCHER can be found on the performance page.