Setting up your environment on ARCHER2 for running UMUI jobs

The standard account is a bash shell account and has a minimal .bash_profile. You will need to

  • modify your ~/.bash_profile to run the UM
  • setup your umui_runs directory
  • setup ssh-agent to be able to submit UM jobs

Setting up your .bash_profile

Add the following to your ARCHER2 ~/.bash_profile:

# Setup UM Variables
VN=7.3 ## or 8.4 as appropriate
if test -f $HOME/.umsetvars_$VN; then
  . $HOME/.umsetvars_$VN
  . /work/y07/shared/umshared/vn$VN/cce/scripts/.umsetvars_$VN

Setup umui_runs directory

Run the following commands on ARCHER2:

archer2$ mkdir /work/n02/n02/<archer2_username>/umui_runs
archer2$ ln -s /work/n02/n02/<archer2_username>/umui_runs ~/umui_runs

Where <archer2_username> is replaced with your ARCHER2 username.

Setting up ssh-agent

Setting up ssh-agent from PUMA to ARCHER2

Next Steps

Standard UM jobs are available through the UMUI on PUMA: set the owner filter to umui.

See Running a UMUI job on ARCHER2 for instructions on running a standard UMUI job.

If you have never run the UM before then we strongly suggest that you work through the online training for running the UM through the UMUI: UM Introduction course.

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