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Setting up your environment on ARCHER

The standard account is a bash shell account and has a minimal .profile. You will need to

  • change your shell to the Korn shell
  • modify your .profile to run the UM
  • setup ssh-agent to be able to submit UM jobs

Setting up your login shell

To change your shell; type the following:

archer$ chsh /bin/ksh

You will then need to login to ARCHER again.

Setting up your .profile

In order to run the UM some standard environment variables need to be set up first.

Add the following to your $HOME/.profile on ARCHER.

# UM Specific set up

export UMDIR=/work/n02/n02/hum

# Setup UM variables
if test -f $HOME/.umsetvars_$VN; then
  . $HOME/.umsetvars_$VN
  . $UMDIR/vn$VN/$TARGET_MC/scripts/.umsetvars_$VN

. /etc/bash.bashrc  > /dev/null 2>&1
loadcomp $TARGET_MC

If you don't already have a .profile on ARCHER, download and copy across the standard .profile

Setting up ssh-agent

If you are planning on running UM version 6.6.3+ then you will need to make sure you have set up ssh-agent to allow data transfer from PUMA to ARCHER. Instructions on how to do this and further information on things that need to be set up in your environment can be found on the FCM UM Trac wiki.

Next Steps

Standard UM jobs are available through the UMUI on PUMA: set the owner filter to umui.

See Running the UM on ARCHER for instructions on running a standard UM job.

If you have never run the UM before then we strongly suggest that you attend the UM Introduction course run by NCAS-CMS.

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