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    66These are set up in the UMUI, which transfers code across to ARCHER for the user to run manually.  
    8 These can be run on ARCHER using the method outlined on the CMS web site at [ Running the SCM on ARCHER]. 
     8These can be run on ARCHER using the method outlined on the CMS web site at [ Running the SCM on ARCHER] (June, 2015). 
    1010See also the Met Office Collaboration Wiki [ Setting up the SCM on PUMA and MONSOON] (April, 2014) 
    1313== Later versions of the SCM == 
     15The Met Office Single Column Model  (SCM) \cite{UMDPC9a} \cite{UMDPC9b}  is part of the UM code.  At the Met Office it is run on their desktop PCs. This has Rose, Cylc and FCM together with GCOM and the UM shared library. The SCMs are now in Rose suites and can be discovered through the Rosie tool by searching for "SCUM Template": the template suites have this in the projects field.  Running the suite is a simple matter as it extracts the code, builds it and runs it all on the same desktop. The SCM runs as a parallel MPI program on a single process. The Met Office suite u-bc355 was chosen as a starting point. 
     17The conversion for NCAS use requires modifications to deal with the PUMA/ARCHER split. Rose, Cylc and FCM are already installed on PUMA, but the SCM executable needs to run on the remote computer ARCHER.  This requires changes to the suite so support the remote operation and also changes to the build process to cope with the ARCHER architecture. 
    1419The later versions of the SCM UM  10.x+ use the !Rose/Cylc framework and are expecting to run in a full UM environment. 
     21To use this you will need an account on PUMA and on ARCHER and also access to the Met Office Science Repository service. 
    1623The SCM runs as a parallel process on a computer.  It requires the following, 
    2027 * a Fortran 2003 compiler 
    2128 * a build of GCOM 
    22  * a build of the shared UM library (for versions prior to 11.3) 
     29 * a build of the shared UM library 
    2330 * a version of netCDF 
     32Versions of the SCM prior to UM 11.2 will also need an installation of the shared UM library. 
     34The original intention was to create a version of the SCM that would run on the ARCHER post processor, the non-parallel part of ARCHER.  However, the differences between the compute nodes (the parallel part of ARCHER) and the post processor are too great, involving different Intel Xeon chip sets (Westmere for the post processor and Ivy Bridge for the compute nodes) and consequently different cross compilers.  It was much simpler to build for the compute nodes. 
    2538=== ARCHER ===