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The Single Column Model

The Met Office Single Column Model is described in UMDP C09 on the Met Office Science Repository web site (login required).

Old versions of the SCM UM8.x

These are set up in the UMUI, which transfers code across to ARCHER for the user to run manually.

These can be run on ARCHER using the method outlined on the CMS web site at Running the SCM on ARCHER.

See also the Met Office Collaboration Wiki Setting up the SCM on PUMA and MONSOON (April, 2014)

Later versions of the SCM

The later versions of the SCM UM 10.x+ use the Rose/Cylc framework and are expecting to run in a full UM environment.

The SCM runs as a parallel process on a computer. It requires the following,

  • an installation of FCM, Rose and Cylc
  • a version of MPI
  • a Fortran 2003 compiler
  • a build of GCOM
  • a build of the shared UM library (for versions prior to 11.3)
  • a version of netCDF


There is an ARCHER version of the TOGA-COARE SCM model. This is suite u-bf976 which is a UM 11.1 version.

On ARCHER it uses the following modules,

  • Compiler: intel/,
  • MPI: cray-mpich/7.5.5,
  • netCDF: netcdf/4.3.2


The JASMIN version of the TOGA-COARE SCM is currently in development (May 2019).