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    204204== Experimental: Cluster options. 
    206 FAMOUS normally run via the "at daemon 
     206FAMOUS normally runs with the "at" daemon for job control. It is possible to install FAMOUS using job control systems normally found on clusters and supercomputers such as SLURM and PBS. This is currently in the experimental phase, and isn't guaranteed to work. 
     2081. Copy ~simon/famous/bin/  
     2102. In the FAMOUS umui job, go into Sub model Independent->Post Processing->Local post-processing scripts and set the path of the to your new file, and set "Include" to Y. 
     2123. Edit the file, there are instructions in the script itself. You'll need to change the line  
     214export CLUSTER_OPTIONS=... 
     216for your local job control system. 
     218You will need to know three command line options for the local submission system: 
     2191. How to specify the queue. This is optional. If it is not used, then the default queue is used.  
     2202. How to specify the output file path, and how to combine the standard out and error streams. 
     2213. How to specify the name of the submitted job. 
     223These options then take three environment variables as arguments (which MUST start with "\$"), \$ACCOUNT \$OUTFILE and \$JOBNAME .NOTE: The environment variables are part of the FAMOUS system, and do not need to be set by the user. 
     225You have to match the command line submit options to the each environment variable: 
     227The line should start with the command used to submit jobs to the queue. 
     229The option to \$ACCOUNT is optional and set in the umui. This can be used to specify the queue name or the charging account queue name. The appropriate command line flag has to be set. 
     231The option to \$OUTFILE is required. It should follow the flag to specify the 
     232output file path for the job. In addition, the option to combine 
     233standard out and standard error should be included, this is normally 
     234either "-j y" or "-j oe" 
     236The option to \$JOBNAME is required. It is the name of the job when submitted to the queue. 
     238For example: In 
     240export CLUSTER_OPTIONS="qsub -l proj -P \$ACCOUNT -o \$OUTFILE -j y -N \$JOBNAME" 
     243 "qsub" is the command to submit jobs to the job control system. 
     245 "-l proj -P \$ACCOUNT" specifies the queue to use, specified in the "Job submission" section of the umui, in this case, two command line arguments are required, "-l proj" is required by the local submission system. 
     247 "-o" specifies the output file path, and "-j y" combines standard out and error. 
     249 "-N" specifies the job name of the job.