Running the tutorial jobs

You can run the jobs from the hands-on sessions after the UM course has finished. Since you used your own puma account, they'll still be available in the UMUI. All you need to do is switch to using your own Archer account. For MONSooN users, we suggest taking a MONSooN job and exploring that.

Copy your ssh public key to your Archer account

Run the following command on PUMA:

ssh-copy-id -i ~/.ssh/ <archer-username>

Edit your UMUI job(s)

User Information and Submit Method → General Details

  • Edit:
    • "Target Machine user-id"
    • "Account-name"

FCM Configuration → FCM Extract directories and Output levels

  • Edit "Target machine root extract directory (UM_ROUTDIR)" to point to your user home space on Archer.

Input/Output Control and Resources → User hand edit files

  • Switch the training_reservation hand-edit off, and switch on the short-job one.
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