Running the tutorial suites

Continuing the exercises after the course

You can continue with the hands-on exercises after the course has finished using your own ARCHER account. As you have been using your own PUMA and MOSRS accounts, the suites you have been using will still exist. However you will no longer be able to access the model output on the ARCHER training accounts.

Self study

The training can be completed on your own by reading through the presentations and working through the exercises in your own time. Note, however, that the exercises are designed to be challenging, and we provide a lot of hands-on support on the day, so we recommend attending the live course if possible.

You will need to have the following accounts - ContactUs for details on how to set these up:

  • PUMA

Use your own ARCHER account rather than the training account advised in the instructions, and edit the suites following the instructions below.

Setting up your own ARCHER account

If you have not used ARCHER before, you will need to set up your ARCHER environment as described in the training.

You will also need to set up ssh-keys to connect from PUMA to ARCHER. If you attended the training, you can use the ssh keys you set up in the course by running the following command on PUMA:

ssh-copy-id -i ~/.ssh/ <archer-username>

Editing the suites to use your own ARCHER account

You will need to edit the following details in the tutorial suites:

  • ARCHER username : Change from ncastrXX to your username
  • ARCHER project code : Change from n02-training to your project.
  • ARCHER queue : Change from RXX... to short.

Remember you will have to change your ARCHER username and project code whenever you copy a new suite

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