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UM Training Index

  • UM Training Courses?
    NCAS-CMS, organises 1-2 day courses/workshops to introduce new Unified Model users to the UM modelling infrastructure for UK researchers. The courses are designed to introduce the users to the model, show them the user interface, which is used to set up the model, how to run the model and to introduce them to the type of research that is being carried out using the UM.
  • UM Training Course Notes
    Course presentations and the Hands-on exercises from the UM Introduction Course on December 2014.
    (Note: You will need to login using your Helpdesk account or as the umdoc user.)
  • Introduction to using the UMUI
    This tutorial shows how to use the UMUI to start a new research task. It shows you the process to create a new job, the basic parameters you will need to modify and how to submit a job to the supercomputer.
  • UM FCM tutorial
    An overview of the UM's flexible configuration management system. This tutorial gives a step-by-step guide to running jobs and adding your own code changes.